Three Bathroom Remodeling Themes

Change the look and feel of your living space with bathroom remodeling projects that update and upgrade this important space. Today’s trendy bathroom themes include exotic styling, functional beauty and retro renovations, all designed to make your home more comfortable.

Check out the top three bathroom remodeling themes for 2012, and figure out whether your home improvement project fits in with the latest styles.

1 – Asian Themed Bathrooms

Asian décor values balance and space, creating a clutter-free look in your new bathroom. Low profile sinks and faucets, along with open wood shelving make this space timeless, yet contemporary.

Just as in traditional Asian culture, bathrooms capturing this style afford the past a place of honor without overshadowing modern features. Splashes of distinctly contemporary styling can be added with taps, shower enclosures and toilets, as long as those features remain balanced by natural bamboo mats, smooth river rock and possibly even a traditional Japanese bathtub.

Stone and wood feature prominently in an Asian-themed bathroom remodeling project. Invest in the genuine article, if your budget allows. Balance expensive building materials like slate tiles and a teak vanity with affordable fixtures and simple décor choices. It suits Asian style to include quality over quantity, and a glass bowl full of river rock sets off this style more than store-bought accessories will.

Exotic and upscale, Asian themed bathrooms exude a sense of style that works just as well in main floor powder rooms as it does in master baths. It’s also an enduring style that avoids feeling trendy – after all, Asian décor style has remained faithful for generations.

2 – Scandinavian Themed Bathrooms

Another time honored bathroom décor theme that continues to resonate today is the Scandinavian bathroom. More than just Ikea furnishings, Scandi style presents practical design in a beautiful package, and does so better than any other style out there.

Start with contemporary bathroom fixtures, including a toilet, sink and bath that echo square or rectangular shapes. These fixtures fit into the Scandinavian style perfectly, just make sure to invest in crisp white designs with minimal decoration. Glass-walled showers in clear finishes work well; avoid any elaborate etching or painted designs and look for frameless enclosures with plain white bases. Vanities should be smooth and echo natural colors.

This Northern European region has a distinct style that centers on space and simplicity. Natural tones like stone, clay and putty combine with rough textures and glossy white to create a clean sense of relaxation. Color doesn’t play a major role, but can be used for accents, if the styling of the item works in the space.

In most cases, quality Scandinavian décor items and bathroom features cost more than standard items. You’re paying for top quality materials and durable design in almost every case, considering the stellar reputation of Scandinavian home furnishings. Use your bathroom renovation budget wisely by investing in a few genuine pieces and features, while using neutral or plain pieces for the balance of the room. Be sure that all of the elements come together well in any case.

3 – Retro Themed Bathrooms

Modern bathrooms continue to echo styles of the past, including the popular retro themed bathrooms found in many of today’s hottest style resources. Retro themes focus on a particular era, from fanciful Victorian times to bright 50’s chic. Choose your favorite and begin the hunt for both genuine and reproduction pieces that come together in your new space.

Start with the main fixtures, paying special attention to the sink and bathtub. Those bathroom features provide the best opportunity to capture that retro styling. Toilets really haven’t changed much through the years. Clawfoot bathtubs conjure up old-fashioned elegance, while bold-colored tiling around your bathtub screams 1960’s appeal.

One of the easiest ways to capture this type of styling is through period research. Browse the web for archives of period magazines or publications, where the subtle differences between 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s styles come to life. For Victorian and Edwardian-styled bathrooms, turn to period movies for ideas. Watch scenes come to life with the tiny details of Victorian homes, including elaborate toiletries and floral patterned wallpaper.

The style of your home should echo the chosen retro era, or at least make sense with that décor. Older restored homes suit classic eras, while more modern bungalows and lofts lend themselves to 1950’s style bathrooms. Your personal style trumps everything; be bold and design the bathroom of your dream with fixtures, wall and floor finishing and bathroom accessories that capture the feeling of your favorite bygone era.

Why Follow the Latest Bathroom Trends

Some homeowners question the wisdom of renovating to follow a trend. Will you need to redo the bathroom once fashion has changed or trends have shifted?

Home design and décor trends do change with time, but tend to be more stable than other fashions. Experts agree that renovations centered on classic designs hold greater resale value, but your own comfort and enjoyment should play a major role in your choice of home décor. If a trendy style truly appeals to you, the fact that it’s trendy becomes less important.

Current bathroom trends like Asian or Scandinavian inspired themes are founded on classical styles. Although they include modern touches and accents, the foundation of each trend is sound and intended to remain fresh and attractive for years to come.

Are you planning a bathroom remodeling project? Consider renovating with one of the top three bathroom trends of 2012 in mind. From Asian-inspired baths to Scandinavian themed spaces and retro bathrooms, the latest décor themes provide fresh, comfortable spaces for today’s homes. Find your own personal style and ride current trends with one of these gorgeous bathroom themes.


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