Types Of Shower Systems

Do you have a DIY home project ahead of you? Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? If a renovation is in your future, you may be wondering what types of shower systems are out there. From basic Kohler showers to steam showers, the options are seemingly endless. Choosing your shower is an important decision. The type of shower you decide to install will set the overall aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Familiarize yourself with the different types of shower systems to choose the one that fits your home and lifestyle.

Popular Shower System Kinds

Shower Sprays

There are several types shower sprays that you can purchase to fit onto your shower head.

Depending on the type of shower head you get, you can set the shower head to use a fine spray or set it to a massaging spray. More advanced shower head attachments have additional options.

An aerated spray mixes air with water, softening the stream. This results in bubbly, soft water that lightly washes your body.

Another luxurious setting is the rain shower, which gives off a broad spray of water in large droplets. You’ll need strong water pressure so that the water can be “shot” upwards.

The jet spray is best used for tougher jobs, like washing dirt off your body or getting shampoo out of knotted hair. The jet spray is also one of the types of shower systems that’s good to use on sore muscles, along with the more intense massage settings.

Steam Showers

One of the most interesting types of shower systems is the steam shower. Steam showers combine the relaxing warmth of a steam room with the functionality of a traditional shower. In a steam shower, water is turned into water vapor and pumped through a steam outlet into the shower. Simply sitting in the shower will open your pores and cleanse your skin. Spending too much time in a steam shower can cause dehydration and dizziness. If you haven’t used a steam shower before, make sure to acclimate yourself to it little by little.

Hot Water Systems

There are two basic types of shower systems for supplying warm water to your shower. You can opt for an instantaneous electric shower or a mixer valve shower. An electric shower will heat the water as it goes through the shower unit. In a mixer valve shower, there’s a large water system that feed the water through a tap and into the shower. This is the same water system that supplies hot water for your kitchen.

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