vintage bathroom inspiration

I’ve experienced merely a tiny obsession with powder rooms these times – and screening what sort of non-bathroom accents I can area in them. I enjoyed this dose of inspiration from sandradias’ Picasa album, since it combines non-traditional bathing room components with my genuine love: vintage repurposing.

Create a charming bath caddy using a reclaimed fruit box perched above a wooden ladder. I locate that power-washing (i.e. my garden hose), along using a great scrubbing with Murphy’s essential oil Soap, is extremely effective in preparing vintage wooden objects for house use.

You can in no way go incorrect with vintage shoes re-purposed into new functionality! These research to turn into vintage boots fashioned with aged wooden rolling pins stuck within — and voila — a fabulously distinctive toilet cardstock holder!

Using conventional furnishings within bathing room could possibly be considered a awesome method to include distinctive design for the powder room. I adore the compartments on this tiny guy!

Even utilizing a vintage cake stand can give your bathing room a non-public touch — while keeping your relatively and very helpful toiletries on simply accessed displays.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I will reveal a repurposed chandalier project!

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