Visually Enlarging Your Bathroom

When we need to go to the toilet we often refer to it as a bathroom. This is sad but many people treat the bathroom in the same way neglecting this room. At times they just do not know what to do about it as this is just a little nook that is meant for bathing. Can it be called a bathroom? This is up to you to decide but you can make even this small space look great and visually enlarge it.

Enhanced comfort is necessary for the part of your apartment where you refresh yourself. Here are recommendations for you that will make your bathroom bigger:

Choosing bath
The corner bath will help to enlarge the room space both visually and physically, instead of usual bathroom.

Play with colors
AS the colors create the whole appearance of the bathroom, be sure to choose the light color palette for bathroom. The upper part of your bathroom should be brighter than the bottom part and you can obtain this effect with assistance of tiles. Acquire bright tiles for upper part and dark tiles for lower part and your room will look visually bigger.

Make an illusion
If you think about the best way to place tiles on the floor of your bathroom then make the tiles lined angle. In this way you will be able to create an illusion of  extended perspective.

Bathroom lighting
Light and transparent colors contribute to more spacious effect. So, bathroom lighting is essential, do not use the shiny tile for small bathroom as it has an opposite effect.

Bathroom mirrors are another timeless tool to enlarge to make your room look spacious. Don’t hesitate to buy modern or antique style mirror for your bathroom. One tip: when the opposite wall reflects the space the room looks visually bigger.

Buy compact furniture for your little bathroom. The furniture should be preferably flat.

Rearrangement Tricks
You will probably need plumbers rearrangement to make your room bigger. Some people choose to unite toilet and bathroom to make the room bigger. This may be the only way to get advanced features.  Special systems of fixing are used to hide the pipes. Nothing is seen and this creates additional space. But there are certainly more complicated solutions when the washing machine is hidden in the wall niche, for instance. More unusual solutions include arrangement of bath on the podium in the center of the room.

Think out of the box and you will get extraordinary interior. The main thing is to know that it is possible to create a comfortable spacious bathroom even out of small room meant for it.

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