What an amazing sink and faucet

With the introduction of technology, the tap and sink become increasingly more beautiful. A number of  bathware them appears like a thing of beauty.This should be the popularity from the bathroom deoration. Aside from the functionality, people want to buy the various and personalized bathroom add-ons.

Touch 360 has truly added some technology and “a different way to have interaction with water” using their Ripple Faucet. The tap was inspired by ripples around the water’s surface and produces a powerful visual relationship between your user’s interaction by using it, along with the waterflow and drainage and temperature. The Ripple has cold and hot channels that water flows and because the set temperatures are transformed through the metal ball, the quantity of water flowing from each funnel changes for that illusion water is mixing for any combined temperature. The truth is water is identical temperature from each side to avoid the consumer from being scalded. LED lights underneath the surface are lit with intensity and color based on the flow and temperature use a beautiful interaction using the user.

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