Why choosing a rain shower head

Most of us have a run-of-the-mill shower head in the bathroom, one that faithfully sprays hot water at us every morning. That shower head does its job adequately day after day: It gets us wet, rinses soap and shampoo from our body and hair.

So, of course, most of us don’t give it much thought. But there’s another type of shower head that offers a different experience and it is relatively affordable to purchase and install. It’s one of those bathroom projects that doesn’t require someone who is a master plumber, someone who knows how to install a shower stall or some who can lay down tile and grout. But at the same time it can make a pretty big difference.

It’s called a rainshower head. This type of fixture has been around for a while and many manufacturers such as Moen offer shower heads with a rainshower feature, so you’ve probably heard of it. But relatively speaking, not that many homeowners have had one installed in their bathrooms.

A downpour without the dark clouds

What is a rain shower head?

Well, let’s talk for a second about a conventional shower head. Typically, the head operates through water pressure, kind of blasting streams of water at the person in the shower. That works just fine, and some heads have a pulsating feature that adds a nice massaging sensation.

With the rain shower head, it actually gives a soothing sensation of being soaked with rainfall. How does that happen? Most of these types of heads use the power of gravity to spray the person in the shower, not pressure.

Aside from a soothing feeling, manufacturers say there are a few other benefits.

For one, the conventional shower fixture can be hard on your scalp. Think about it. In most cases, you’ve got streams of water shooting out of the shower and pounding the top of your head. The scalp can be sensitive to that type of treatment. The rainshower spout, however, doesn’t blast. It falls like raindrops on your head.

You might be thinking: Will these low-pressure raindrops be effective in rinsing soap and shampoo from my hair? Yes, it can and will. The big raindrops that come out of this type of fixture are very effective in soaking and rinsing the body and hair.

And despite the big raindrops, these shower heads use about the same amount of water as a conventional fixture. That’s because it doesn’t use pressure to shoot out water. With these heads, the water kind of flows at it’s own rate to mimic rainfall.

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