Yes,man!Eminem And Bruno Mars Rise Up In New ‘Lighters’ Video

Given its general grittiness (and the fact that it is called Hell: The Sequel), Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″ ‘s Bad Meets Nasty album looks like the last place you’d ever find Bruno Mars. And yet, the pompadour-powered crooner shows up to sing the hook on “Lighters” (they also produced the track together with his Smeezingtons cohorts), a decidedly upbeat ballad that provides a brief respite from the blood-and-guts boasts that Em and Royce pack on the disc.

And sure, the track feels out of place because of that fact, but that has not stopped it from becoming a sizeable Billboard hit. So it makes sense that there’d be an accompanying video that matches its uplift ethos every step of the way. And now, that video, directed by Rich Lee (“Not Afraid”), has arrived.

In the new “Lighters” clip  which, it ought to be noted, does not contain a single lighter (though it does include the now-ubiquitous shot of Dre’s headphones)  Em and Royce journey from the darkness in to the light, a metaphor that works very well with the song’s message, in case you give it some thought. Their voyage begins when Eminem discovers a secret chamber beneath his home, descends and wanders through a series of subterranean tunnels with only a flare to guide him. Royce is down there, , though he is locked up in a jail cell. They escapes thanks to a tunnel located behind a poster (“Shawshank” reference!). The stumble through the dark, finally breaking free, emerging in to the light.

When they finally do, the video reaches its (visually) stunning conclusion, as Em and Royce  and an army of spectators and Mars, who has been plaintively playing his piano the whole time  witness the slow ascension of a million paper lanterns, as the soft twilight slowly envelops them.

It is a stirring picture, for sure, and yes, you can probably read plenty in to it. Both Em and Royce have travelled dark roads in their past, but here, even if it is for moment, song, they have stumbled in to the light. It is sorta deep, and though it may not be in step with the messages they are pushing on Hell: The Sequel, well, sometimes it is lovely to have a alter of pace.

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